The one of a kind quality antler products that
come from Owens Antler Chandeliers actually
come from a one of a kind man.  Pictured on
the Right is founder and master craftsman of
the company, Rick Owens.

It was in 2001 on a family vacation through
the western U.S. that Rick was originally
inspired to start Owens Antler Chandeliers.  It
was while in Wyoming that he met a local
antler artist who peaked his interest.  A
question or two lead to a quick lesson where
the local craftsman described the basics of
his work and it went from there.
Upon his return home, Rick began working on
his very first hand made chandelier. It was
such a success that he decided join the
business.  The chandelier which started the
company still hangs in his house until this
(pictured bottom right)

After years of success, friendly business, and
quality products, Owens Antler Chandeliers
remains an outstanding leader in the
guarantee of customer satisfaction.  It is a
name that has earned respect and one that
will hopefully be around for years to come.